Boat Dock Accessories

The finishing personal touches for a perfect dock

Complete your dream dock
with distinctive, useful, or just plain fun custom accessories.

From storage to seating, stairs and slides, we have the boat dock accessories to enhance the fun, function, and safety of your aluminum boat dock.
Please contact us or your local dealer to purchase, or for further information.

To Purchase Our Accessories

SUP Racks

Safe yourself some space… cradle your boards

Keep your paddleboards, wakeboards, and surfboards suspended and out of the way with a Suspenz™ SUP Rack. Designed to have no pressure points, your boards remain free of dings and you can rest easy knowing your boards will never touch a hard surface.
Included in the box:
Two (2) SUP Bars w/ straps
Wall mounting hardware
MANUAL: Click Here For Manual


Take your water adventure to the next level

We now offer the ParadisePad, the foam water pad built to withstand 1450 – 1800 pounds. The ParadisePads are durably built using UV protection with no adhesives, making them the most durable rafts on the market. They are equipped with the necessary bands, letting you take your paradise wherever you go. All pads are made and manufactured in the USA. The ParadisePads come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. No matter the occasion, there is a perfect pad for you, your family, and your friends.  Learn More

paradise pad float

Lazy Dog Lounger

Every dog deserves their own float

We all want our dogs on the water with us as we relax and enjoy the day and although swimming is great exercise, dogs can tire fairly quickly. They need a place to rest. Human floats are inflatable and often destroyed when our animals attempt to climb aboard. The solution is simple: Get a Lazy Dog Lounger for your furry friends. The Lazy Dog Lounger was specifically designed to be semi-submersible allowing your dog to stay cool while they rest.

Small: 42″ x 27″ – 25 lbs. or less

Medium: 56″ x 27″ – 25-50 lbs.

Large: 60″ x 34″ – 50 lbs. or more

Dock Boxes and Dock Lockers

Secure, low-profile, off-deck storage for your waterside needs.

Tough beautiful dock lockers for anything and everything storage on your dock.

Included mounting brackets allow dock boxes to be cantilevered over the water, providing maximum storage while saving valuable deck space.

Flotation Systems Jumbo Dock Locker
Flotation Systems Boat Dock Locker

Flotation Systems dock boxes are available in white, granite gray, or buckskin finishes and lockable with your lock.

Choose our large dock locker, 84″ x 20″ x 18″ (left), or jumbo dock locker, 72″ x 26.5″ x 27.5″ (above).

Boat Dock Bumpers

Horizontal, vertical, and corner dock bumpers for watercraft and dock protection.

The best protection you can get for your watercraft, Flotation Systems dock bumpers deliver versatile resistance to impact and scraping.

Specially designed to fit anywhere protection is needed, our dock bumpers can be mounted vertically or horizontally to cover slips, interior dock posts, and all edges of swim platforms. Available in classic and new Super Cushion (shown).

Flotation Systems Boat Dock Bumpers

Nylon Dock Cleats

Sturdy fixed or fold-down dock cleats for securing all types of watercraft.

Sleek and sturdy dock cleats for securing watercraft. Choose from our traditional fixed 8” cleat or our unique folding cleats, ideal for swim platforms, sunning areas, and other walking surfaces.

Flotation Systems Dock Cleat Open
Flotation Systems Dock Cleat Closed
Flotation Systems AquaStair Dock Ladder Down
Flotation Systems AquaStair Dog Ladder

Aqua Stairs Wide-Step Boat Dock Ladders

Dock ladders with ultra wide slip-resistant steps and flip-up convenience, for ultimate swim access.

Flotation Systems Dock Ladder UpEasy in, easy up, easy out—these boat dock ladders are strategically designed to make your water time a pleasure.

The four 8″ wide textured aluminum steps with grab rails and top loops make it a breeze to get out after your swim.  With the AquaStair swim ladder there is no need for climbing out of the water… you simply walk out.  From children and adults to the elderly and even pets, the AquaStair does not discriminate.  It’s comfortable and convenient for the entire family.

Flip-up design lets your dock stairs stow safely topside when not in use.

And naturally – because it’s from Flotation Systems – it’s made of durable and corrosion-resistant 6063 marine-grade aluminum, to last as long as your dock.

Available in 4 and 5 step configurations.  (6/7 step available upon request)

Flotation Systems, Inc. swim ladder out of the water

Standard Hinged Swim Ladder

Access your boat dock with a Flotation Systems, Inc. wide step hinged swim ladder.  Constructed from 6063 T-5 marine grade aluminum, these swim ladders resist corrosion and are some of the strongest in the industry.  The attached hinges allow your ladder to easily be lifted out of the water for storm or winter proofing.  The steps are sized at 3-3/4″ wide and are formatted with non-slip treads.  Total ladder width is 18-1/2″.

Available in 4, 5, and 6 step configurations.

4 Step – 70″ (50″ under water)
5 Step – 82″ (62″ under water)
6 Step – 94″ (74″ under water)

Flotation Systems, Inc. swim ladder in the water


Dock Fillet Stand

Prepare the catch of the day on our stable, easy-cleaning stands.

From water to table, our dock filet stands make it easy to handle your prize catch.

Available in two sizes, our sturdy flat stands mount directly to your dock to provide a stable flat surface for cleaning fish.

With a 1/2″ Starboard cutting surface, tall edges on three sides to keep your catch on-board, hang hook, and drainage slots for easy cleaning, they’re a fisherman’s dream.



Flotation Systems Dock Fillet Stand
Flotation Systems Dock Bench


Boat Dock Benches

Stylish, durable benches for relaxing on your dock.

Take a seat and relax in style. Flotation Systems offers sturdy, durable, 6-‘long dock benches for easy waterside seating on any brand of dock.


Gangway / Ramp Gates

The secure finishing touch to your gangway or ramp.

Security for where you need it and for where the law requires it.

Our aluminum latching gangway gates provide a visible deterrent to entry feature a lockable hasp. For use with Flotation Systems docks only.



Flotation Systems Gangway Ramp Gates

Flotation Systems Jump Dive PlatformDock Jump & Dive Platform

If there’s anything more fun than this, we can’t think of it.

Want to be the main attraction on your lake? Like to provide hours of entertainment for kids (of all ages)?

Our aluminum dive platform is the best thing to happen to your dock since water.

Our dive platform features sturdy aluminum construction, slip-resistant steps, ultra-secure mounting, and color options to match your dock.

Take the plunge – it won’t be summer without one!


Dock Super Swing

What summer memories are made of

Sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, our super swing brings the fun of a water’s-edge tire swing to your dock.

A sturdy aluminum frame mounts to the top level of your sundeck or sundeck combo dock and inclines gently over the water.

Attach the swing of your choice, and you’re ready take the plunge. A lockable gate is also available for security and safety.

Flotation Systems Super Swing

Underwater Fishlight

Give your dock a glow

The Underwater Fishlight is the ultimate in submersible lights.

Turn any dock into a hot nighttime viewing or fishing spot, or cast a new glow on your next lake party with lighting your friends (and fish) will love.

Proven to attract all types of fish, the Underwater Fishlight can be used in both fresh and salt water. The light kit is equipped with a GFCI plug for additional safety and a photocell that automatically turns it on at dusk and off each morning.

Pair it with Flotation Systems’ hook bracket to protect the lights from fishing lines or ropes (extends to 11’ water depth). Flotation Systems Underwater Fishlight 1

Flotation Systems Underwater Fishlight 2

Flotation Systems Permafloat dock floatBoat Dock Floats

The ultimate in durable dock flotation and support.

The very foundation of every dock is a quality float, and our boat dock floats set the standard for performance and durability.

Flotation Systems Permafloat dock float cutawayAvailable in 49 sizes, each dock float is constructed from a one-piece, molded shell of virgin polyethylene and filled with dense foam.

They are unaffected by salt water and virtually all chemicals, and meet or exceed all absorption/falling tests as well as Army Corps of Engineers regulations.