Boat Dock Warranty Information

Yours for a lifetime

Flotation Systems is proud to offer an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on all our aluminum boat docks.

We offer “the best dock warranty you’ll probably never need” with confidence, because we build, sell, install, and support our boat docks like no other manufacturer.

  • We use only high-grade aluminum and premium stainless-steel hardware in every dock

  • Every boat dock is precisely designed, engineered and fabricated
  • We perform rigorous quality control checks throughout dock production

  • There’s over 20 years of experience behind every dock we build

It’s more than just construction that makes it unlikely you’ll ever need our warranty. Your professional dealer representative is there before, during, and after your dock is installed, guaranteeing that it’s correct in every detail. From the basics of choosing the right dock to details like permits, zoning, and access, your dealer makes sure that your dock is right the first time, and for a lifetime.

No other dock manufacturer offers a longer or more complete warranty, or more durable and complete support.

Please contact us or your dealer for more information on the best aluminum dock, and the best boat dock warranty, available anywhere.