Lockdry® Aluminum Marine Decking

The #1 choice for long-lasting, water-tight marine decking.

What Is Lockdry® Aluminum Marine Decking?

Simply put… it’s revolutionary. Lockdry’s® patented locking seal and continuous gutter technology provides a gapless floor decking and roof covering with single-layer construction. It is the most superior decking material in the marine industry, unlike composite or wood, which over time become brittle and splinter, retain heat, and require constant maintenance. Lockdry’s® maintenance-free design eliminates the need for painting, staining, or waterproofing and is virtually stain and mar-resistant.

IMAGINE… a second story deck that completely waterproofs your space below.




Decking Specs

  • Material:  6005-T5 Aluminum;  35,000 psi Yield Strength
  • Size:  6″ width; 1″ thick.  Standard lengths range from 4′ to 32′.  (Longer lengths available upon request.)
  • Finish:  Textured high-density polyester powder coat.  (meets or exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications)
  • Fire Rating:  Class A – Flame Spread Value: “0”
  • Span:  12″ – 24″ on center (recommended).  36″ on center (max.)
  • Lockdry® Marine Decking material tested to 240 PSF (lbs. per square foot) live-load on 36″ centers.

Unmatched Strength

Our Titan Alloy™ offers a load-bearing capacity of 240 lbs. per square foot.


Create a seamless and virtually waterproof structure with Lockdry® marine decking.

Maintenance Free

Eliminate painting, staining, and weatherproofing. No splintering, cracking, or warping.

Lifetime Warranty

The only marine decking in the industry covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Perfect Decision

Lockdry® Aluminum Marine Decking is great for new or refurbished boat docks, boardwalks, bridges, walkways, and just about any marine application under the sun.

Color Choices

Flotation Systems, Inc.® proudly sales and installs LockDry® aluminum marine decking on every dock we build. LockDry® aluminum marine decking is exceptional addition to any boat dock in every sense: strong, watertight, and non-slip textured with a robust powder coated finish that meets AAMA 2604 standards and a lifetime durability that far exceeds any other decking material.


Granite Gray



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