Refurbish Your Boat Dock

with our LockDry® water-tight aluminum marine decking

The Evidence Is Clear

Whether you are restoring a used boat dock or building one from scratch, our Lockdry® marine decking is the best choice for the job.  Lockdry® marine decking is a powder coated aluminum decking panel that you will never need to replace.  It’s a revolutionary, maintenance-free product that adds long-term value to any structural application.
Tired of brittle wood?  Lockdry® marine decking never splits or splinters nor does it require protective treatments or staining.
Tired of faded composite?  With our textured, high-density powder coated finish, Lockdry® marine decking is fade-resistant and never scars or mars.

Rest assured that after you install our Lockdry® aluminum marine decking, your project will remain flawless throughout the years.




Our LockDry® marine decking is finished with a durable, high-density powder coat that exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications.



Create a seamless and virtually water-tight upper deck with LockDry® marine decking.


With LockDry® aluminum marine decking, there is no need for extensive installation fees. Simply plan and order… and install on your own terms.

Award-Winning Results

With your choice of four different colors set to match any dock configuration you could imagine, be the talk of the water with LockDry® aluminum marine decking.

All The Right Things

Lockdry® Aluminum Marine Decking is the ideal decking material for your next refurbishing project. Be it boat docks, boardwalks, bridges, or walkways… Lockdry® is the answer.

Flotation Systems LockDry Aluminum Marine Decking Render

Decking Colors

Flotation Systems proudly installs LockDry® aluminum decking on every dock we build. LockDry® is exceptional decking in every sense: strong, watertight, and non-slip textured, with a robust powder coated finish that meets AAMA 2604 standards and paired with a lifetime durability that far exceeds any other decking materials.

LockDry Marine Decking - Buckskin


LockDry Marine Decking - Granite Gray

Granite Gray

LockDry Marine Decking - Silverstone


LockDry Marine Decking - Hearthstone


Lockdry® Technical Information

  • Material:  6005-T5 marine-grade aluminum
  • Sizing:  6″ width; 1″ thick – standard lengths range from 4′ – 32′ (longer length available upon request)
  • Finish:  Textured, high-density polyester powder coat (meets or exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications)
  • Fire Rating:  Class A – Flame Spread Value = “0”
  • Span:  12″ – 24″ on center (recommended).  36″ on center (max.)

Lockdry® marine decking tested to 240 PSF (pounds per square foot) live-load on 36″ centers.

Easy As 1, 2, and 3

That’s Correct… renewing and refurbishing your boat dock can be accomplished in just three easy steps:  Starter, Main, and Finisher.

Lockdry marine decking installation

These three components simply interlock together to form a virtually water-tight and long-lasting decking surface.

Flotation Systems Decking Refurbish Project - Color: Hearthstate
Flotation Systems Decking Refurbish Project - Color: Hearthstone
Flotation Systems Decking Refurbish Project

Give Your Boat Dock A Facelift

with LockDry® aluminum marine decking