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Boat Dock Photo Galleries
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Flotation Systems Aluminum Boat Docks

Your home on the water

We build more than boat docks. We build your escape – the place where you reconnect with family, laugh with friends, or relax in soothing silence.

Our docks are for your life on the water, the way you live it.

Our aluminum docks are designed to perfection and crafted without compromise. A vast array of options and accessories bring your vision to life. Together, we create a dock that’s perpetually beautiful and uniquely yours.

Escape to where you want to be.

Flotation Systems aluminum boat docks. Your home on the water.

Flotation Systems Wavepro Docks

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Dealer Spotlight

Randy Travis

Travis Boat Docks & Lifts

Randy Travis (Travis Boat Docks & Lifts) has been a part of the Flotation Systems, Inc. dealer network for nearly 10 years. With over 40 docks sold and installed, we feel comfortable saying that he is the absolute best boat dock builder in Kentucky. His professionalism, workmanship, and attention to detail has truly raised the standard in the marine industry on Kentucky Lake.

Learn More About Randy Travis & His Team

Flotation Systems Refurbish Your Boat Dock


Refurbish Your Boat Dock

with our LockDry® water-tight aluminum marine decking

Tired of brittle wood or faded composite decking?  Renew and refurbish your boat dock with our LockDry® aluminum decking and you can rest assured that your boat dock will remain flawless for years to come.

Flotation Systems Refurbish Your Boat Dock


The Flotation Systems aluminum boat dock collection.

Flotation Systems Sundeck Boat Docks

Sundeck Docks

Sweet sunshine up top, covered storage below. Our sundeck boat docks are the perfect place to hang out all summer long.

Flotation Systems Sundeck Combo Docks

Sundeck Combo Docks

The biggest, best thing on any lake, anywhere. Room for you, your family, and your friends to get the most out of every day.

Flotation Systems Hip Roof Boat Docks

Hip Roof Docks

An elegant package with a bit of flair. Stylish and flexible, a great waterfront location for boating, socializing, and having fun.

Flotation Systems Gable Roof Boat Docks

Gable Roof Docks

Classic and simple. With as many slips as you need and any additions you want. Plenty of room for your toys, your family, and your friends.

Flotation Systems Dock Piers and Dock Platforms

Dock Piers and Dock Platforms

Functional meets fun. Flexible pier and platform designs to fit any waterfront, with plenty of space to play.

Flotation Systems Commercial and Marina Boat Docks

Commercial Docks and Marinas

Tough, good looking, and ready for work – our custom commercial marinas, the centerpiece of your docking operation

Flotation Systems color series top banner home

Inspired by nature. Poetry in color.

Flotation Systems Cedar Creek Color Series Boat Docks
Flotation Systems Savannah Color Series Boat Docks
Flotation Systems Charleston Color Series Boat Docks
Flotation Systems Silver Ridge Color Series Boat Docks
Flotation Systems Driftwood Color Series Boat Docks
Flotation Systems Woods N Water Color Series Boat Docks