Aluminum Boat Dock Construction

Excellence is in the details

Materials. Design. Manufacturing. We’ve mastered them all, to build aluminum piers and docks without equal.

Every aluminum pier and dock we construct is a perfect blend of art and science. We hand-craft all of our fixed and floating docks from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum. We engineer each for impeccable durability with unsurpassed style. And we build each with rare skill and attention to detail.

We’ve been building aluminum boat docks for longer than any other manufacturer. There’s a reason for that.

Simply put, we construct the best aluminum piers and docks on the market. Read the details below of why we’re in a class all our own.

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The Flotation Systems way of boat dock construction

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When we began dock construction more than two decades ago, other manufacturers were using steel and wood to build their boat docks.

Most of them are still stuck there today.

The problem with these materials? They suffer under the elements.

Steel rusts. Wood rots. There’s no way around it without costly, frequent maintenance.

Research and experience convinced us that aluminum was the best material for dock construction, and more than 20 years later, our boat docks are still proving us right. Aluminum is:

  • Lightweight, yet ultra-strong
  • Naturally resistant to corrosion in any climate
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Flotation Systems aluminum piers and docks offer long life and safe, solid construction. Everything you want in a boat dock.

Join our thousands of satisfied customers who, like us, believe that aluminum is the only choice for top-quality dock construction.


Quality dock design is the product of skill, experience, and the commitment to exceed every expectation. Each Flotation Systems design reflects these virtues down to the smallest structural detail.

Some manufacturers are satisfied with a dock that simply looks good. For us, visual impact is only the beginning.

Our designers and engineers pour decades of Flotation Systems expertise into the essential elements of each dock. From careful calculation of loads and stresses to ingenious solutions that enhance function, no element is overlooked.

This is the way we’ve been doing dock construction for more than 20 years. Attention to the details that matter, whether you see them or not.


Our dock construction methods are hardly secret, but exceptionally rare.

Each dock and pier is fabricated and pre-assembled by a team of professionals who have made aluminum dock construction their life’s work.

These dedicated craftsmen assemble every Flotation Systems aluminum pier and dock in our own Alabama facility under strict quality standards. Our designs. Our innovation. Every step of the way.

And from wavelength calculations, to material checks, to preparation and loading, our in-house quality control is second to none.

When you purchase your aluminum boat dock from us, you’ll know it will last a lifetime.

Flotation Systems WAVEPro System

Technical Highlights

Aluminum boat dock construction

  • Splinter-proof
  • Will not rust or rot
  • Able to withstand the elements, year after year
  • Maintenance-free

Aluminum dock frames

  • Heavy-gauge 2” x 10” extruded main frame for strength and stability
  • E-channel construction to prevent burn-through on cross-members and corner gussets
  • Extruded corner frame maximizes use of the 10” E-channel while allowing larger surface area of weld.

Roof and Roof Metal

  • Heavy 26-gauge commercial R-roofing panels
  • 1 ¼” high ridge
  • Baked-on enamel finish
  • 30 year warranty for color retention
  • Roof supports of 4” x 4” tubing with radius corners
  • 8″ C-channel truss throughout
  • Fully trimmed and finished 26-gauge exterior roof metal edges

Aluminum Dock Decking

  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight, yet stronger than wood or vinyl
  • Capable of long spans, with up to 36” centers
  • Dissipates heat faster than wood, composite, or steel decking
  • Textured, slip-resistant finish
  • Resistant to stains, dirt, and marring
  • Powdercoat finish is up to three times the thickness of conventional baked-on enamel

Ramps and Gangways

  • Arched bridge truss design
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • 5’ to 80’ standard single span lengths
  • Undercarriages for lengths over 60’ (where required)
  • Reinforcement gussets and/or backing plates at all corners and connection points