Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our LockDry® aluminum decking.

If you have questions, we have answers.  Simply click on a question below to reveal the answer.  If you have a question that’s not listed, contact us and we’ll get you the answer right away.  (800) 711-1785 | info@aluminumboatdocks.com

How do I get pricing and more product information?

The easiest and most efficient way for you to get current pricing on our LockDry® aluminum decking is to give us a call at (800) 711-1785 or email kenny@aluminumboatdocks.com or melanie@aluminumboatdocks.com

What lengths are available for me to choose from?

The standard lengths for our LockDry® aluminum decking ranges from 3’11” to 31’11” in 2′ increments.  We also can special order lengths up to 40′ if needed.

For all standard lengths, feel free to use our provided “Decking Design Form” to get an accurate quote for your project.  For special order lengths, give us a call at (800) 711-1785

What does Flotation Systems need from me to get a detailed price?

The best and easiest way to receive a detailed price, is to fill out our provided Decking Design Form, showing the outer dimensions of your project and then fax or email it back to us.

This gives the sales team the information they need to work with drafting and engineering and arrive at the best possible decking plan for your boat dock or pier.

Our Decking Design Form can be downloaded HERE.
Fax:  (256) 287-0417
Email:  kenny@aluminumboatdocks.com | melanie@aluminumboatdocks.com

Do I have to cut my own decking?

The simple answer is NOThere will be minimal to no on-site fabrication required with our LockDry® aluminum decking.

After receiving your sketched plans via our decking design form, we can accurately configure the decking for your boat dock and have your order cut to fit.

***On some occasions, minor cutting may be required when notching around posts.

What tools do I need for installation?

Standard tools are just about all that will be required for LockDry® decking installation.

  • Electric Drill
  • Drill Bits (provided upon request at an additional charge)
    • Installation on wood framing:  #9 Drill Bit for pilot hole | #2 Philips Drill Bit
    • Installation on metal framing:  5/16″ Nut Driver Drill Bit
  • Hardware (provided upon request at an additional charge)
    • Installation on wood framing:  #2 Philips Wood Screw
    • Installation on metal framing:  #12-3/4″ Hex Head Self-Drilling Screw
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil**
  • Saw (w/ non-ferrous metal cutting blade)**

**these items are only needed when cutting is required. 


Does my boat dock or pier have to be aluminum?


Our LockDry® aluminum decking can be installed on virtually any boat dock.  Whether your existing dock is wood, steel, or aluminum… LockDry® is the absolute best decking, regardless of your original material.

How much does LockDry® decking weigh?

LockDry® decking (on average) weighs 1 lbs. per linear foot and roughly 2 lbs. per square foot.

How hot does LockDry® get in the sun?

With the heat dissipation properties of aluminum combined with the AAMA 2604 powder coated finishes from PowderTec, Inc., LockDry® aluminum decking reflects heat and stays just as cool if not cooler than most wood and composite decking materials.

**To achieve the best heat dissipation, it is recommended that you have adequate airflow under your decking and do keep it mind that darker color finishes will render a warmer temperature over lighter colors in direct sunlight.

For more information about the heat dissipation properties of LockDry® aluminum decking, check out our videos HERE.


How long will the powder coated color last?

It is no secret that powder coat is one of the most durable finishes in today’s market.

Our certified powder coated finishes exceeded the fade, humidity, and 4000 hour continuous salt spray tests and surpass the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA 2604) certification standards.

**Flotation Systems, Inc. powder coating provided by PowderTec, Inc.

How long does it take to receive my decking order?

More information coming soon…

Is there a minimum order quantity?

More information coming soon…

How do I order?

The best way to order LockDry® aluminum decking is to fill out our provided Decking Design Form HERE, and return it to us via fax or email.

Or give us a call at (800) 711-1785 to receive detailed information and pricing about our LockDry® aluminum marine decking.

Still have questions? Send us a message!

For any other questions, please write us at info@aluminumboatdocks.com
or call us at (800) 711-1785

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