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With us, custom dock design is not an exclusive option. Every boat dock we build is as individual as you are, tailored to your desires, needs, and specifications.

Slips and styles, additions and accessories, colors and options. There are endless boat dock possibilities here at Flotation Systems, all designed with just one goal in mind: to craft exclusively for you the finest dock you can have.

Below is an overview of some of our many options in custom dock design, but by no means the only ones. If you can dream it, we can build it! Choose your favorites, then get a quote, contact your dealer, or get in touch with us directly to get started.

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Dock Slips

The first step in building your perfect custom dock is choosing the number of dock slips you need. No matter the size of your fleet or your favorite activities, we have a design that’s right for you. Choose a tab to learn more.


Dock Piers and Platforms



Need just a simple dock and swim platform, without a boat slip? We have dock piers and platforms that fit perfectly, offering an ideal spot for relaxation and fun with easy watercraft tie-up. Add a covered seating and entertaining area for those sunny (or less-than-perfect) days with a hip or gable shade.

Single-Dock-SlipsSingle Dock Slips



All our roofed docks – gable roof, hip roof, sundeck, and sundeck combo – are available with a single boat slip.

The dock slip entry point shown here is just one possibility – it can be placed as necessary to account for current, prevalent weather, and property requirements.

dual-dock-slips-2Dual Dock Slips



Gable roof, hip roof, sundeck, and sundeck combo docks are also available with two dock slips.

Traditional side-by side slips are ideal for two full-size watercraft (or personal watercraft with the addition of an optional dock slip fill-in).

dual-dock-slipsDual Dock Slips, Offset




For secure docking of a boat and a personal watercraft, docks may also be configured with one large slip and an offset PWC slip.

This design offers a little of everything – the shaded seating area provides a view of open water, and it’s friendlier for locations with tight permit restrictions.

Custom Options


Need something special? Have a dock area that requires an unusual entry? Have a dozen boats to dock?

We’re ready.

No matter how unique your waterfront, we can design a dock for you. Get in touch and give us your toughest challenge.

For every slip choice, the ramp/gangway attachment and dock anchoring system are completely configurable to suit your land and waterfront.

 Anchoring and Entering

Your property and your waterfront have a unique impact on your dock design.

 A Floating or a Fixed Dock?

The choice between a fixed dock and a floating dock is an important one. We offer both, to suit every type of waterway: fixed dock systems for steel, concrete or wood pilings and floating dock systems with a wide variety of anchoring styles.

Which one is right for you? There’s a lot to consider in making your choice. You can learn more here, and please talk with us or your authorized Flotation Systems dealer to make the best choice for your unique property.

 Ramps and Gangways

A true custom dock must fit and work perfectly with both the water and the land. We offer a nearly limitless variety of ramps, gangways, and stairs to connect your dock to the shore with security and style.

From short beach ramps to graceful stair and gangway combinations, we can provide the ideal route to any dock from any property at any elevation. See our ramps and gangways page for more information, and browse through our boat dock galleries to see our custom installations.


Make your dock your own

Styles and Colors

Fishing, entertaining, sunbathing, boating, and more – we have the exact style of dock you need to make your life on the water complete. piers and platform docks, gable roof and hip roof covered boat docks, and sundeck and sundeck combo docks.

And because your dock needs to fit your style and personality, our docks, decking, and railings are available in a variety of beautiful, durable colors, including our new Designer Color Series docks.

Dock Additions

We call them additions, but you’ll call them essential. These are the parts of your dock that elevate its function and fun, and make your time on the water easier and more enjoyable.

From dock railings to dock closets, roof overhangs to our exclusive Super Swing, these are the enhancements you want to make your dock a one-of-a-kind showpiece of form and function. View many of them on our boat dock additions page.

Dock Accessories

The add-ons that make a dock a home.

Dock stairs to make swimming a pleasure, dock boxes and lockers for secure storage, and unique enhancements like fillet stands and slides.

See the collection on our boat dock accessories page.

Design Your Custom Dock

Wherever you live, whatever you need, we’ve got just the thing to make your life on the water amazing.

Get in touch, and let’s get started designing your custom dock.