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Looking good is great, and standing strong is even better. Busier waterways and the forces of nature require a dock built to not only survive, but to thrive when conditions get rough. That’s why we developed WAVEPro.

WAVEPro docks are the result of the intense analysis, painstaking design, and flawless construction we put into every element of a Flotation Systems dock. Docks built to stand strong year after year, in all weather and water conditions.

Here’s what sets a WAVEPro-equipped dock apart from all the others:

Engineer-Designed Components

10” heavy-gauge E-channel and reinforced corner sleeves with double gussets come standard.

That same super-duty E-channel is integrated throughout the entire dock substructure.

Points of particular tension and stress receive mainframe corner sleeves and double diagonal gussets.

Our engineers have made sure that your dock is unbelievably strong at every point where other docks are not.


Flotation Systems WAVEpro dock structure
Flotation Systems WAVEpro dock cutaway

Custom Materials and Construction

We design our own custom moldings and extrusions for key dock components, to guarantee that every part of the dock meets our specifications and delivers optimal performance in every environment.

This rigorous engineering is why every dock installed by an authorized Flotation System dealer carries our uncompromising, industry-leading lifetime warranty.


Heavy-Duty Roof Structure

Roof supports are constructed from 4” tubing with 4” braces. Trusses are heavy-gauge 8” C-channel. Post sleeves are welded. Each corner roof post is connected to the mainframe with 5” high-quality stainless steel hex bolts and stainless/nylon lock nuts.

In short, every component and every point of connection in a WAVEPro roof is designed for maximum stability and security in all conditions.


Diagonal Bracing

Quality diagonal bracing is essential for dock rigidity. It’s the solid core required to maintain a dock’s structural integrity.

We brace every dock with sturdy, radius-cornered 4”x4” tubing for outstanding stability in rough water and high wind.

Other manufacturers call this overbuilt. We won’t build a dock without it.


EPS Billets

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) billets keep your dock afloat. This is no place to cut corners, and we don’t.

Flotation Systems Permafloat dock float cutaway

The billets we use are made by nationally recognized manufacturers and meet or exceed all US Army Corps of Engineers regulations.

Billets are attached to the mainframe with 3/8” stainless steel bolts, 1” stainless steel washers, and stainless/nylon lock nuts.

The result: floats that remain secure under all conditions, without separation or movement.


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